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Extra Tokens in iGindis Games

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Dear player,
The tokens helping us to continue developing new options and new games.

Get free tokens in the following ways:
1. You can get unlimited number of free tokens if you use your referral url and invite your friends and family to the game.
200 Tokens for each player you bring into the game using your referral url. (The player must play at least one game)
You can get your referral url from the extra screen in free tokens.

2. 100 Tokens in daily bonus for watching reawrds ads. (Please see in our extra screen)

3. Complete achievements. (Please see in our achievements screen)

4. Complete tasks in the offer wall. (Please see in our extra screen)

5. Create Youtube/TikTok/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook promotion video on one of our games and publish it in your channel/profile.
* You can get one time bonus of extra 3,000 tokens if your channel have more then 200 subscribers/followers.
* Send us the link to your video and include your player number and we will reward you.
* The video must be publish in your channel/profile and have updated release date.
* Our email: contact@igindis.com

6. Join our contests in our social media.
Once every few weeks we posting contest in our social media.
By participate in the contest you have the option to win 20,000 tokens.
Please look in our social media. (Facebook page)

7. You can get many tokens by also doing the following: help us translate the games to other languages, reporting bugs and issues found in the games...

This is your way to support us to grow and it will allow you to get all options for free in the game.
Your support important to us to continue developing.
Thank you,

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