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Playing multiplayer mobile games: a Cure for Boredom

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We lead busy lives in an increasingly hectic world. And yet, we have our moments of boredom.
We look for ways to occupy our minds and ourselves. iGindis has devised the ‎most exciting ways to relieve our boredom by giving us the opportunity to play multiplayer mobile games.
Play a hotseat strategy war game with your family and friends. You can play up to 8 players from the same device.
Each player plays in his turn, manages his country and can send external messages to other players in the game.

‎ Hotseat playing
iGindis is offering simultaneous hotseat strategy war gaming on mobile.
Each player selects a country and leads it using a variety of tools like diplomacy, war, spy, united nations, economy etc...
In hotseat all you need to do is play in your turn and pass it to the next player.‎
While you can play up to 8 humans the game AI (Artificial Intelligence) will manage the other countries in the world.
Each player can send external messages to other players in the game. (So use your diplomacy skills to win them all)

Take your Pick
iGindis offers a range of free hotseat multiplayer mobile games including World Empire 2027, Europe Empire 2027, Asia  Empire 2027, Latin America Empire 2027 and Africa Empire 2027.
These will allow you the select region in the world or play the entire world with different scenarios and difficulties.‎
Invite now your family and friends and play from the same device using our unique and ‎innovated in mobile gaming options.‎

The Calm after the Storm
After you select your country you wish to lead, you will enter the lobby and there each player can play in his turn.
While the last player will trigger the Artificial Intelligence that will manage all other countries in the game.
The simplest animations and realistic sound ‎effects will guarantee a gaming experience you won’t forget in a hurry.
When you start playing the multiplayer mobile games on iGindis you will forget that you were ever bored to begin with.
iGindis.com ‎constantly works towards alleviation of your boredom by bringing you the ultimate pleasure in mobile ‎gaming. So don’t suffer another boring moment again – just visit iGindis.com

We wish you all Good luck commanders.

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