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Are you looking to be entertained with amazing turn based games that contain single player and hotseat multiplayer?
Have you tried every form of entertainment in mobile and found that it's not for you after some time?
Then iGindis has what you are looking for.
Our mobile games brings you a choice of selecting world region, select any country and play as leader of that country.  You will absorb and entertain you for hours on end.
All you have to do is download the game of your selection and play it for free.

Game options
Where else can have variety of diplomacy options, war room, spy center and united nations and many more?‎
Imagine you are selected leader and can do all actions in ‎‎turn based rpg android game ‎of your choice while you manage everything in the country you selected.
You can do all as leader and we do recommend first to check diplomacy and improve your country economy before taking any actions.‎
Do not go to war at start, investigate and check your borders and countries relations worldwide. ‎

Diplomacy and war
In case you are at war with one of their allies its can be they will lower the relations until the point they declare war on you.
Be careful and make sure you have enough allies and army at bases to defend your country from invasion.

It's all depend on diplomacy levels and if they can help you or go to war with you.
In case they are at war or in case of good relations with your enemies they will not help you.

Countries can lower the relations with your country in case of:
1. Use forbidden weapons or killed civilians.
The world will lower the relations automatic with your country.
2. Case of request in the United Nations to lower relations or attack your country.
3. Case spies or commando attacks were sent to your country to frame.
4. Case of wars with countries that have allies they will automatic will lower the relations.

Choice of advantages
The biggest advantage of being able to choose from an turn based rpg android is ‎that you can select the ideal game for your self. features interactive games like World Empire 2027, Europe Empire 2027, Asia  Empire 2027, Latin America Empire 2027, Africa Empire 2027, Middle East Empire 2027 and World Leaders.
These games will test ‎your strategic thinking and tactical skills. It is up to you to decide which the best strategy games android ‎is for you.

Good luck commander in your quest for glory.

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