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In the stressful world that we live in, each and everyone one of us needs a break from the ‎monotony.
Be it a professional, a student or a homemaker, leisure time is a must for all. ‎One of the top activities one does to relieve oneself from stress on a day-to-day basis is ‎mobile gaming.
Here again, playing the same game over and over again doesn’t serve the ‎purpose. Change is the mantra of the day. What is even better is getting this change without ‎creating a hole in your pocket.‎

Top war-gaming games for mobile
Wargaming games are played for skill building and are excellent pass timers.
The games challenge your brains but ensure maximum fun.‎
It keeps you engaged and helps you improve your life decision making.‎‎

War Games‎
There are many examples for ‎‎wargaming mobile but the top leadership building skills are on iGindis.‎
All the games take place in the year 2027 while the world is in chaos.
While the world markets collapse and with it world order. NATO and old alliances are no longer relevant while everyone is fighting for resources.

United States newly-elected president decides to focus on home affairs focusing on economy and rebuilding the country's economy.
The United States starts pulling back its forces from around the world.

Europe with huge floods of refugees and weak Euro cannot affect global affairs while America is in crisis.
The world is left to deal with razing powers and tension becomes extremely high in east Europe, south China sea and Middle East...

A big uprising overthrew the existing government in your country.
As leader of the uprising you got unlimited authority in the country to lead and rebuild.
The parliament nominated you and your way to make the country into an empire.
Can you lead commander?

Availability of War Games‎
Having a variety of options to loosen up after a daylong of hard work, pressure and stress is ‎one good part of life, the other is having it all for free.‎
There are some amazing ‎‎war-gaming mobile that can keep you occupied for no extra cost.‎
They are exciting ‎and they give you an option of variety. And there are also several mobile games we developed that offer these ‎amazing pleasures for free.‎
The makers of these games have enabled free mobile interactive ‎games which can be played by multiple players from around the globe.
Now, due to this ‎wonderful option of free mobile games, leisure is just a click away.‎‎

Select your war zone
You can choose from an ‎‎war gaming mobile games and we have your ideal games for you.
iGindis.com top games like World Empire 2027, Europe Empire 2027, Asia  Empire 2027, Latin America Empire 2027, Africa Empire 2027, Middle East Empire 2027 and World Leaders.
These games will test your war thinking and leadership skills. It is up to you to select which of our war games ‎is for you.

Commander, we wish you good luck.

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